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All of our copper bell  trumpets are fit with an Electroform solid SEAMLESS copper bell. I personally love the design and sound characteristics of these bells. Brass bells are available upon request, but at this time are only available on the Proseus as a standard option. The copper bells are designed in a “Blank” for me. I pull the bore to the proper size, bend the bow, and add the bell bead in my shop in Las Vegas, Nv.

Some time ago, we used pistons from a Taiwanese factory that provides pistons to a lot of small and large builders around the world. Today ALL of our pistons are designed by the Getzen/Edwards company. These pistons are insured to fit properly, work properly, and have a lasting performance. These pistons cost us a little more money… and we didn’t even raise the prices. That’s how important it is to Del Quadro Custom trumpets to produce the highest quality, 100% American made products.

The mouthpipe, tuning slide, and many other small parts for the instrument are of our own design. ALL assembly and finishing work is done in house by Michael Del Quadro. Plating and lacquer is done outside of the shop, but all polishing and preparation for plating and lacquer is done in house.