Custom Leadpipes

About Our Leadpipes:

Del Quadro Custom Trumpets makes all of the lead pipes used on our line of custom instruments as well as a line of lead pipes that we offer for modification of any brand instrument. Our shop currently offers many leadpipe options and we are expanding the catalog as time allows and more leadpipes become available to measure and replicate.

All leadpipes are available in Brass or Nickel Silver. Please contact us for pricing.

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Our shop in action – leadpipes being prepared and drawn at Del Quadro Custom Trumpets

Available for any Del Quadro Trumpet:

These leadpipes are proprietary and only available on our line of instruments.

P – The P leadpipe is the smaller of the leadpipes used on our current models. The current model that uses this leadpipe is the Personal. 

G – This leadpipe is currently used on the Grizzly, AJ Grizzly, Grande Campana, and Dorotea models. This is a very versatile leadpipe that gives the player just a little more room to open up than the P pipe without feeling too open. 

C2 – The C2 leadpipe is a throwback to the Calicchio #2 leadpipe which I believe is the most common leadpipe Dominic used. Absolutely the most common leadpipe I have seen on Calicchios here in Las Vegas. This leadpipe is used on the Dorotea and Il Capo models. We find this leadpipe to be ideal for show work as well as a wide variety of commercial work. 

M – The Mother leadpipe is the only reverse leadpipe currently used on any of our models. The idea behind this leadpipe was to offer a much more open feel to our instruments. The initial use for this pipe was paired with the Grande Campana bell and immediately became its own model, The Mother. The taper on this leadpipe is similar to the larger Schilke reverse leadpipes. This leadpipe is not a copy of a Schilke but I have used it as a suitable replacement on more than one Schilke with excellent results.

Available for any brand trumpet:

These leadpipes are available for any trumpet to be purchased as either leadpipe tube or as a full assembly.











80A (cornet)

Director (cornet)


Handcraft Imperial