Del Quadro Custom C Trumpet


With my C trumpet, I started from my Bb to scale down to a C. The bell is the same as my Bb. The throat is larger, like a Bb trumpet, and not like many current production C trumpets of most companies. The throat of the bell makes the instrument sound more like a Bb and a little less like some other conceptions of a C trumpet. However, the tuning is much improved and less alternate fingerings are needed to play the instrument in tune! Many players feel the instruments are more favored for Chamber music, solo playing, or depending on what the section is playing a fine Orchestral C.


  • 5″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell
  • Del Quadro Custom 25H leadpipe
  • .459 bore
  • Heavy Top cap, bottom cap, AND finger button options
  • Finger ring options include our traditional thick-style rings or thinner rings
  • Available in a variety of finish options
  • Inlays available for additional customization

Shown in both lacquer finish and silver plate.