What to Expect When Playtesting

The playtesting experience at our shop is uniquely personal. Mike will help you explore your sound on each instrument. He’ll also ask some questions to really get to know you as a player. He’s fantastic at matchmaking between the player and the instrument. 

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Try It Before You Buy It

Our shop knows purchasing a new instrument is a commitment and that you want to be sure it is a great fit. With that in mind, our shop is happy to offer demo horns for a trial period so that you can experience playing the instrument in both practice and professional settings. 

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Del Quadro Custom Trumpets, Cornets, & Bugles

Del Quadro Custom Trumpet’s line of custom instruments is the result of the skill, craftsmanship, and passion of Mike Del Quadro. Mike’s vast knowledge of brass along with a lot of research and development has resulted in the creation of this stunning line of horns. Mike recognizes that one player’s needs and style are not the same as another’s. This is reflected in his diverse line of instruments, each skillfully made to a high standard of quality in both sound and aesthetics. There is sure to be something to please every player!

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