Del Quadro Grizzly Bb Trumpet


The initial design idea behind the Grizzly was to design a trumpet that gave the player a little bit more to lean on than the Personal model. The bell design of the Personal makes it feel much larger (to many players) than it’s actual ML bore. I started with measurements of lots of my favorite trumpets and kept coming back to many of the old Benge designs.. some of my favorite. I always loved the CG benge, but when I would played on them, in the end they always felt just a little too big for me. I always loved the feel and of course the undeniable Benge sound of the instruments. I wondered how it would feel if I made a similar design in a medium large bore with one of my signature copper bells and a similar unique bell tail design that the CG benge had…. and we end up with the Del Quadro Grizzly.

The Grizzly features:

  • 5″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard G Mouthpipe
  • .459 bore Heavy top and bottom caps
  • Thick ring slide rings for a very comfortable feel in the hand
  • EDWARDS valve section

Pictured is the first production Girzzly trumpet with a beautiful Copper plated finish and Gold slides and caps. This is an optional finish for the instrument and the price listed above would include this finish. Like with all of my other instruments, any plated or lacquer finish would be available on this model.

Also pictured is a deep acid burned finish.