Del Quadro Grande Campana Bb Trumpet


  • 5 1/2″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell with fixed tunable bell configuration
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard G Mouthpipe
  • ML Open blowing step bore
  • Heavy top caps, bottom caps, and finger buttons.
  • Thick ring slide rings are available for this model

While showing Trumpets at a trade show, I have the challenge of telling people what makes my Trumpets different and also describing what each instrument is good for. I write descriptive cards for all models, but I always lean on versatility.”What kind of music is this good for? Trumpet music”

To some, that seemed sarcastic… So, please allow me to elaborate. The Grande Campana… I can name at least 5 distinct playing styles it is being used for. I’m going to go down the line assuming none of the fine players will mind me using their names.

Musical Theater/Broadway:

This is actually how the instrument got designed. Gary Cordell is currently using the Grande Campana on the national tour of “Love Never Dies“. He had an iteration of one of my instruments and kept coming home from the tour with slightly different ideas for the instrument based on feedback he was given. If the sound is good enough for Andrew Lloyd Webber… Thank you for your help and dedication in helping design what is quickly becoming my most popular model.

Big Band Section/Solo Work:

To say that is all that Kenny Rampton does I feel sells him short. However, the majority of what I’ve seen and heard him do with the horn has been with Jazz at Lincoln Center. Almost more exciting for me is that it’s also used for the recording sessions for Sesame Street… Yes.. That Sesame Street.

Bang Band Lead / R&B:

I don’t know. Is Boys 2 Men R&B? Whatever they are, Andy Cresap uses his Grand Campana to play that show as well as playing some killer lead with a few local big bands. But.. Mike… That horn has a huge copper bell. How could anyone use it to play lead?! Welp… Andy was in the shop just a few days ago playing Double Cs that were shaking little bits of my brain out of my right ear. Clearly, it’s doable.

LA session work:

Emile Martinez is hard to nail down. I’ve seen him do everything from playing with big bands to doing session work with the Rza. WU-Tang!!


Recently, Tom Smith has started to play this model. Tom tours with a group called Groovement. Groovement has been described as what you’d hear if Led Zeppelin caught a Soul Train with Grouplove and they threw a party while headin’ down the tracks to Motown.

I’ve had symphony guys play the Grande Campana and be surprised at how accessible the sound they were looking for was. I don’t have one in any symphonies yet, but at this point wouldn’t be surprised. The goal is always to build a very versatile instrument. I’m very pleased to see how many bases this one is covering.

The Grande Campana…It’s for trumpet music.