Del Quadro AJ Grizzly Bb Trumpet


The AJ Grizzly features:

  • 4 5/8″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard G Mouthpipe
  • ML step bore; Heavy top and bottom caps
  • Thick ring slide rings for a very comfortable feel in the hand
  • EDWARDS valve section

The AJ Grizzly is an identical design to our Grizzly model but uses a slightly smaller bell flare. This smaller bell flare makes for a slightly brighter sound and just a little more projection. The first one was designed for Austin Johanning (the namesake of this AJ Grizzly model) while touring with a rock band in which the horn section consisted of a trumpet and a trombone. He was playing a grizzly and the smaller bell helped distinguish his tone from the trombone. Austin Johanning is still currently playing this model.