Del Quadro PROSEUS
Bb Trumpet $3200

  • 4 5/8″ Yellow brass bell. The only model that uses a yellow brass bell
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard P  Mouthpipe
  • .459 bore Heavy top and bottom caps
  • Thick ring slide rings for a very comfortable feel in the hand
  • EDWARDS valve section

The Proseus is designed to be a commercial lead instrument although depending on the player it is well suited for many other settings. The sound is bright and focused. The Proseus is the only instrument currently in our inventory that uses a yellow brass bell. Yellow brass delivers a more cutting sound. Ideal for soaring right over the top of a big band, salsa group, or any typical setting where you need more of a loud cutting sound with less “low end” in the tone color.

Pictured with a Bright finish as well as an Acid burned finish.


Call for specifics:  316.648.6914

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