Del Quadro Personal Bb Trumpet $3200

I call this model the Personal Model, because it is precisely that. The model I built for myself and personally prefer to play. In the quest to build trumpets, which started in 2005, I was on the constant journey to find an instrument that I loved to play more than anything else. An instrument that I felt good with in most every setting and would still have the sound and feel that I like. With this model I feel I have finally found it. I have played it exclusively for some time now. In my line of work I come across many different models and designs of instrument. I find things I like for a few days but I always come running right back to my Personal trumpet.


  • 5″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard P Mouthpipe
  • ML open blowing step bore
  • Heavy top caps, bottom caps, and finger buttons.
  • Thick ring slide rings for a very comfortable feel in the hand


Call for specifics at 316.648.6914

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