Del Quadro Spicy Jam Bb Trumpet $2650

Known to some as “The Spicy Jam”, my Tuning Bell model was designed with the idea of serving players that might not find my Personal model to be quite the fit for them. Many of the specs of this instrument are identical to the Personal model. The key differences are, reverse tuning, A HEAVY sleeve over the leadpipe, and the tunable bell configuration. The idea of this design is for the front end of the instrument to be heavy and for the bell section to have minimal bracing, leaving it free to vibrate. The heavy end delays vibration a bit making the bell respond a bit quicker. The tunable design makes it easier to tune from either end of the instrument. This allows the player to dial in the resistance to suit their needs.  This model was previously known as my Heavy Model but I found this description to be slightly misleading.  While it does have some components of a heavy model you will know you’re not playing a horn like any other “heavy” you’ve previously experienced.  Consider this one the best of both worlds…  you get the reponse and projection of a heavy coupled with the versatility of a standard.  This one will do it all…  very well.

  • 5″ Seamless Electroformed Copper Bell with tunable configuration
  • Reverse tuning
  • Del Quadro Custom Standard Mouthpipe with Heavy Tube over tube sleeve
  • .459 bore
  • Heavy top caps, bottom caps, and finger buttons.
  • Thick ring slide rings are available for this model


Call for specifics at 316.648.6914

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