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General Repairs

Our standard shop rate is $60/hr. Why so cheap? We are located in Wichita, Ks. The cost of living is low here. I find at this rate I still make a good profit and can turn out a quality product I am happy with as well as turn over a great savings to my customers.





Ultrasonic Cleaning and standard serviceing

On most trumpets, a thorough Ultrasonic cleaning and removal of common dents takes 1½-2 hours. This allows me time to thoroughly burnish out all of the imperfections in the metal and remove as many of the scratches to the plating that I can. Valves are aligned after the cleaning and the instrument is put through its paces. Depending on how busy I am and how bad damage is to your instrument, cleanings usually return ship within 3 days.




Valve Rebuilds and alignments

Sometimes even good valves go bad. After years and years of shedding and gigging, trumpet valves do eventually lose their tolerance. When this happens, pistons and casings need to be trued and re-plated and brought back to the closest tolerance possible to make the instrument play like it was young again. All rebuild pistons are aligned before they are returned.

Pricing is $150 per piston

$400 for a set of 3

Valve Alignments

I do not align pistons with cork or felt. Cork and felt both compress over time and the felt is never consistent in thickness. I use a neoprene material that never compresses over time and is resistant to wicking oils and other substances that typically enter your horn… with the exception of pizza, hot wings,and beer. My process brings your alignment to within .005″.

Starting Price $60

Complete Overhauls

This is the whole shebang here. The end goal is an instrument that looks as close to brand new as possible. Every small imperfection is removed from your instrument and the metal is carefully polished by hand to obtain the highest possible polish while removing the smallest amount of metal possible. The instrument is then polished on a wheel and either spray lacquered or plated. I can do a variety of lacquer and plated finishes. If you are curious about a specific finish, ask!

Call for pricing


On full instruments we leave the actual plating process to the pros at Anderson Silver plating but all of the prep work is done in house. On small parts and touch-ups everything is done in house.

Full Silver plate on a trumpet/cornet/Flugelhorn: $350-$500

Full Gold plate on a trumpet/cornet/Flugelhorn: Call for pricing

Gold plate mouthpiece: $50

Gold plate mouthpiece Top: $30



Tunable bell Conversion

All of the bracing attaching the bell to the mouthpipe are removed. A locking joint is created where the bell sits by the valve block and the bell tail is replaced with a slide section. This allows for intonation to be adjusted where the bell fits into the valve block, also for the bell to be changed.



Additional bell setups $150.00 each


  • Ideas to customize and personalize your instrument are virtually limitless. What one player wants to make his playing experience more comfortable may not work for every player. With this in mind, I am always available for consultation and open to most any custom trumpet idea. I will always give my thoughts on the proposed project and do what I can to accommodate the player.












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